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    Your favorite delicious cereals are produced under the "EKOR" trademark: quick-boiled pea cereals, steamed buckwheat (Yadrytsia) , wheat cereals, barley cereals (including pearl barley) and wheat groats (kutya).
    Наша продукція
    Добірна сировина
    High-quality raw materials
    Корисний продукт
    Environmentally friendly product
    Легко готувати
    Easy to cook
    Catalog of cereals
    Method of preparation
    Rinse the groats with cold water.
    Pour into boiling water in a ratio of 1:2 (1:4 pea groats) and salt.
    Cook over low heat until it’all done.
    Serve as a side dish or as a main dish.
    To order products

      Groats of the LLC "EKOR TP" are the groats of consistently high quality.

      After being carefully selected and purchased from the best suppliers, the raw materials undergo the multi-stage quality control in the company's own laboratory.

      At the production stage, groats go through additional cleaning on special equipment, which makes it possible to produce goods that meet the requirements of international standards. Due to these factors, as well as the democratic price, the products are popular and in demand with a huge number of consumers.

      Why is it profitable to buy from us?
      We work with verified farmers only. Seeds germinate in completely natural soil, without destroying the microbiological cycle of germination, and undergo several stages of laboratory control before being sent to us for production.
      We are not intermediaries: we have established our own production of various groats. That is why, when you buy from us and our partners, you buy products at real market prices, and not at excessive ones, as is often the case with packers or intermediaries.
      All our products are certified and meet the requirements of the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU ISO 22000:2019 (HACCP). "On the Safety of Food Products"
      We support our product with advertising activities and develop recognition of our brand and quality products among consumers of Ukraine and the near abroad. We provide an individual approach to everyone, because we value what we do and strive to share what we put our love and soul into.